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四级答案 四级答案2022年6月真题 ​听力

1.A.It ran for as long as some thirty years.

2.D.Drinking water instead of beverages with added sugar.

3.B.He found two 17th-century oil paintings.

4.A.They are originals.

5.D.save her sick grandmother.

6.C.She has to face a criminal charge

7.A.She suffered from the effects of severe cold.

8.B.She comes from the city of Cape Town.

9.A.It has a flat surface at the top.

10.C.She has British ancestors.

11.D.It is more popular than football.

12.C. Prepare a study guide.

13.B.His study folder is badly disorganized.

14.D.An emotional learner.

15.C.Arrange them using color and pictures.

16.B.It is a moral principle to guide people's behavior.

17.A.It may sometimes produce undesirable outcomes.

18.A.The golden rule must sometimes give way to more important principles.

19.C.They have not seen as much diversity as desired.

20.B.People's attitudes towards diversity at the workplace.

21.D.People prefer to work with team members similar to themselves.

22.D.Changing one's form of communication from time to time.

23.A.They are regarded as seriously binding.

24.D.It places a high value on written contracts.

25.C. Its terms may not be strictly binding.


46.B) They are unmotivated to learn.

47.A) They are made convenient to mark.

48.D) They provide little chance for students to build relationships with each other

49.C) Some students may have difficulty attending them.

50.D) Cultivation of analytical thinking ability

51.A)Help the public to better understand science

52.B) It might breed public distrust in modern medicine

53.C) Debates about science are accessible to the public anyway

54.B) Embrace it with open arms.

55.C) it is a dynamic and self-improving process.


46.A) Most employees think positively of it.

47.B) It does much harm to employee loyalty

48.C) It has much to do with whom employees interact with.

49.B)Most of them explored new job opportunities.

50.C)Acknowledge employees achievements through social media.

51.B)Shrinking financial resources

52.D) Cultivating relationships with peers and teachers

53.A) It may have potential disadvantages...

54.D) Prepare students to be competitive in the future.

55.A) It lacks humanity.


26.M second

27.A acknowledge

28.F differ

29.D counterparts

30.K particular

31.N soures

32.H extracted

33.J necessarily

34. E defined

35.C containsl


26.C hewm

27.G dental

28.F defense

29.0 underneath

30. E continue

31.A adult

32.L replace

33. D contains

34.N triggered

35. B assoclated


36.G Clues about the culture of a company can be found onits website.

37. D It can be difficult to know the real situation in acompany until you become part of it

38.M It is impossible for a job applicant to have everyexpectation met.

39.A Simply by reading its description the author found thejob offered ideal.

40.F Job applicants are advised to make a written list of theirlikes and dislikes in their previous employment.

41.K Fat the end of an interview, a job applicant should seizethe opportunity to get answers to their urgent questions.

42.E To begin with, job applicants should be clear what theyexpect from their future employer

43.1 Job applicants should read with a critical eye what iswritten about a company on the website.

44.C Job satisfaction has a lot to do with company culture.

45.J A chat with an insider of a company can give job

applicants very useful information when they prepare for aninterview.


36.C Fraudsters often steal villa-booking information fromauthentic holiday websites.

37.H Fraudsters keep changing their bank accounts to avoidbeing tracked

38.E lt is suggested that people not going on the holidaymight help detect website frauds.

39.A More and more British holidaymakers find the seasidevillas they booked online actually nonexistent.

40.K Ву checking an agent's nane online before booking avilla holiday makers can avoid falling into traps.

41.F Fraudsters are difficult to identify, according to an onlinesafety expert.

42.G Holidaymakers have been alerted to the frequentoccurrence of online villa-booking frauds.

43.I It is holidaymakers that can protect themselves fromfalling victim to frauds.

44. E Holidaymakers are advised not to make payments bybank transfer.

45.D Fraudsters advertise their villas at reasonable prices soas not to be suspected.




Once upon a time a farmer who felt unhappy with the slow growth of the seedlings,went to the field and pulled them up a bit one by one Returning home he told his family,"l am exhausted today! However, I finally made those seed lings grow taller all at once." His son hurried to the field only to find that the seedlings had died out.

Nowadays, some parents are so eager for their children's success that they will repeat the tragedy of the farmer making their kids suffer greatly and meanwhile seeing no progress of them. Should such parents wake up to this reality and give their children space for natural growth?


从前有个人养了一群羊,一天早上他准备出去放羊,发现少了一只。他仔细一看,看到羊栏(sheepfold) 上有个窟窿。显然夜间有狼钻进羊圈叼走了羊。邻居劝他修羊栏,可是他不听。第二天他发现狼又通过窟窿叼走一只羊。他想起邻居的话,就赶快堵上窟窿,把羊栏补好。此后,他的羊再也没有被狼叼走。


Once upon a time, a man, who kept a flock of sheep, was ready to herd them when he noticed one of them was gone.Observing carefully, he saw a hole in the sheepfold. Obviously, a wolf must have got in and taken the sheep away. His neighbour advised him to fix the sheepfold, but he would n' t listen only to find the next day that another dp sheep was carried away by the wolf. Remembering his neighour 'e s words, he hurried to repair the sheepfold by plugging the hole. Since then, no sheep was missing in this way ever again.

The story tells us: if we solve the problem in time, we can prevent ourselves from suffering bigger loss.



Once upon a time, a farmer, who was working in the field,suddenly saw a hare running past, hitting a large tree and killing itself. He was so pleased to eat its meat easily that he thought,。 "What a wonderful thing to have this all the time!"From then on, he stopped working and waited by the tree for more hares that would crash. He waited and waited one day after another, in vain, only to have a deserted field. Therefore, people laughed at him for taking the accidental for the inevitable.



Directions: Suppose you are writing a proposal to your school library about improving it' s services, you are writing about its current problems and solutions.

Dear Sir or Madam,I hope you are doing great! I am Li Ming, one of the sophomore students in our university. Following my recent experience of using our school library, | have decided to send you some feed back. In the first place, the librarians there are not very friendly and helpful as they often fail to tell us where to find the book we want, and moreover get impatient easily. What' s more, the books available in the library are too old to catch up with the latest development of related disciplines. Finally, the reading rooms are not bright enough as some of the lights have gone dark. All these have brought great inconvenience to us students, which leaves me with no choice but to write you this letter.

From my perspective, it would be wise for you to offer all the librarians a training course to familiarize them with the layout of the library and the classifications of the books. If possible, I sincerely hope that you consider the possibility of renewing some of the books and maintaining the facilities properly.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Look forward to your favorable reply.

Warm regards,

Li Ming



Write proposals for the service of Students Union//The Federation of Students.

Dear President,

I hope you are doing great!I am Li Ming one of the sophomore students in our university.I saw that our Student Union posted a notice collecting advice about enriching extracurricular activities, so I am writing this letter to make some suggestions.

First, could you organize more sports activities?Now there is only one annual school-wide sports meet and I believe both the variety and the frequency of such events can be increased Second, it might be a good idea for our students to engage in more social activities which can broaden their horizons and improve their sense of responsibilities.The Student Union can recruit volunteers to aid rural Project Hope primary schools go to nursing homes to visit elderly people and raise funds to help disadvantaged groups Besides I suggest that more distinguished experts and scholars in distinct fields be invited to de liver speeches to our students.Last year the Student Union organized a couple of forums and lectures,which received wide acclaim from both students and teachers in our school

Thank you for your time, and I believe our Student Union will play in bigger role in enriching our students'mind by organizing colorful and diversified extracurricular activities.

Warm regards,

Li Ming



Write proposals for the service of school hospital

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hope you are doing great. I am Li Ming, a sophomore majoring in English language education. | am writing to make suggestions on making an application for improving our school clinic' s services.

The first feature of the application is a website that enables students to express their dissatisfaction about the doctor' s attitude. Due to the large number of patients, it is quite easy for students to encounter the doctor's impatience, which leads to mental discomfort in the process of seeing a doctor.Moreover, booking a doctor in advance is another useful aspect of this application. With the help of this feature, students can avoid wasting time waiting for the call of doctors, a g because they need to arrive in the clinic at the time they because they need to arrive in the clinic at the time they booked before.

Thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Li Ming

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